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I Want To Tell You More About My Educational Endeavors.

I Want To Tell You More About My Educational Endeavors. I Have Worked For More Than 40 Years Revolutionizing The Educational And Learning Process By Giving Identities To Abstract Educational Data, So That It Can’t Be Forgotten.c Just The Thought Of A Zebra, An Elephant, A Giraffe, A Table, A Chair Or Any Other Tangible Object Automatically Brings A Picture Of Those Objects To All Of Our Minds. The Same Thing Will Happen To All Educational Data, Since I Have Created An Identity For All Of The Basic Information Children Need To Learn From Pre-School Through The Sixth Grade. I have attached a picture of the state of Arkansas and its capital Little Rock as an example of how intangible and abstract data can be made tangible. In the picture you will see a personified ark with a can in front of it. The ark is holding a saw. The ark, the can and the saw is my way of picturing the state of Arkansas. You will notice that the ark is sawing a little rock in half to picture the capital of Little Rock.

This is an “Arkansas.” I guarantee you for the rest of your life every time you think of Arkansas that this picture will pop into your mind, and you will see a mental picture of a tangible Arkansas and its capital of Little Rock. This process is out of our control. It happens automatically with every tangible object we have seen and identified. It will happen with all educational material when my educational website, which will be known as Dr. Memory’s Universe, is created. Students will “see” what they need to know in tangible pictures. I have even pictured every sound in the English language to make literacy requirements easy, fun and unforgettable. All of the work has been completed in 2D artwork, but it must be transferred to 3D for today’s needs.